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OpenCTD is a community effort

The OpenCTD was developed by a core team of marine ecologists in collaboration with a community of scientists, engineers, makers, and conservation practitioners from around the world. Hundreds of individuals have contributed to making the OpenCTD program a success. 

OpenCTD Core Team

Andrew Thaler


Andrew is a deep-sea ecologist and conservation technologist who studies how humans use technology to explore and exploit the deep ocean. He wants to make oceanographic tools available to anyone interested in exploring and understanding the sea, from the highest alpine lakes to the deepest trenches.

Kersey Sturdivant


Kersey is a marine ecologist who studies the effects of human disturbance on the seafloor, and develops marine technology to enhance human understanding of the ocean. His goal is to increase the capacity of ocean research through innovative technology, and by making ocean observation tools more cost accessible.

Russell Neches


Russell is a microbiologist who studies large-scale migration patterns of microbes, particularly in the built environment. He is using cichlid fish as a model system for investigating how host-microbe associations have evolved over deep time. He is an advocate of Free Software, Open Hardware, Open Access scientific publishing and reproducible research.

Please get in touch via this webform

Send an email to the Oceanography for Everyone team and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

What is Blackbeard Biologic and how is it related to Oceanography for Everyone?

Blackbeard Biologic: Science and Environmental Advisors is a small environmental consulting firm that specializes in high seas policy, conservation technology, and ocean education. It is wholly owned by Andrew Thaler. Blackbeard Biologic acts as the fiscal sponsor for the Oceanography for Everyone informal collective and for the OpenCTD project.